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Either if your goal is to provide your services to your potential clients or to find the right, suitable solution for your request, Service_Exporter provides a complete set of facilities to all parties in order to improve your efficiency and to increase the satisfaction of your experience in SE. One of our goals is to provide any facility that would be practical to any of participants of our platform. Our current facilities are as follows:

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Sales and Marketing

In order to have export, Service_Exporter provides sales and marketing services to the verified providers

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Organizational Empowerment

We provide empowerment services in order to either eliminate export obstacles of being in a given market or increase the export efficiency of a provider

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Technology Validation Service

We have to verify our providers in order to protect the buyers and investors and to have a better understanding of their current status

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Technology / Service Valuation Service

There are different factors that determine the value of a service / technology. Based on them, a provided service / technology may have different value in a given market.

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Export Readiness

We determine export readiness of our providers who have not have export experience

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International Legal Services

Based on a given circumstance in a given market, we provide legal services to a seller

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Reply to Customer Need(s)

We provide the appropriate service / technology for a given request from either a client or an investor.

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Technology Transfer Consulting Services

We can provide technology transfer services to the providers

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Joint Venture Investment Plan

We can provide a joint venture investment plan in a given market for a provider

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Trade Negotiations

We provide our negotiation skills to our providers in order to make sure there would be a contract at the end of the road.

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Project Management

We provide an Infrastructure to the people who provide project management services, and we supervise the progress of the signed contract trend as a project manage

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Brand Awareness for services

Beside sales and marketing, we need to increase brand awareness of each sub category of technology / services in order to maintain our presence in a given market

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