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Ultrasonic power supply

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company has provide this service to more than 100 customers locally with the value of 1400 USD.

An ultrasonic power supply is an electrical power source which generates an appropriate electrical signal regarding its frequency, voltage and power to drive piezoelectric or magnetostrictive ultrasonic transducers. The frequency of ultrasonic power generators is between 15 through 30 kHz, the voltage is up to 1kV, and the power between hundreds of watt to two of kilowatt. ALFA Co. produces ultrasonic power supplies in power range of 200 W through 2 kW, maximum voltage of 1200V, and frequency of 15 kHz through 30 kHz according to customer order.

The purpose of most ultrasonic transducers is to convert electrical energy to acoustic energy, do something useful with the acoustic energy, such as cleaning, dispersion, machining, welding, sewing, Enhancement Oil Recovery (EOR) and other ultrasonic assisted manufacturing process.

annual production capacity is 30.

we provide after sales service for 5 years.

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