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Biologic Humic Acid Production

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We can install a production line with the capacity of 20,000 liters per month and delivering the technology with education of personnel with 40,000 USD. For higher scales the cost will be offered with some discounts.

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We have produced this product from 3 years ago and we had 15000 liters production with successful sales in domestic market. Its total sales was more than 200,000 USD. during last 3 years.

We can produce the product in liquid form contains 20% humic acid, 5% soluble potas and at least 1 million CFU effective bacteria

The bacteria can survive in alkaline acidity for at least 6 months in liquid form of product which is very important

There are just some limitations for environmental issues. because the plant produce some waste water which should be removed from the factory before release to the environment

- Our product is not expensive while it is more effective than its other competitive products - It contains useful PGPR bacteria for plant growth _ It contain useful enzymes and hormones for strengthening plant immune system

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