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How It Works




In this document, we talk about how providers and clients / investors can use this portal; and what is the process for each group. If there is any question or suggestion please do not hesitate to contact with us.  


Service / Technology Providers:   


Register in the platform:   


The first step for any provider is to register in the portal and complete his/her profile. In order to protect the Buyers, we need to verify our providers. An email would send to you after form completion in order to verify your email. Each sent email has a time stamp, if a provider does not reply in that period, next time he/she would login, the system would ask him/her to send the verified email.  


Complete your company profile (if you have a corporate identity):   


Add your company information  


If you have mentioned that you have a corporate identity, you have to complete your corporate profile.  


Verifying your information  


In order to complete the verification process, we need to verify your corporate profile.  


Complete a profile for each of your Services:   


Add the information of your Service(s) / Technology (ies)  


Any verified provider needs to add his/her service(s) / technology (ies) by furnishing a profile for each of the.  


Verifying each product separately  


In order to complete the verification process, and to protect the potential clients and/or investors of provided services / technologies, we need to verify each service profile. Verification process does not mean and we do not have the right to know any secret information from your firm.  

In our process, we have to be able to answer the following similar questions: 

  •  Is there any match between claimed service or technology with the provided one? 

  •  What is your current legal status of provided service / technology internationally?  

  •  What is (are) application(s) of your service / technology? 

  •  What is the description of your service / technology?  

  •  Is there any limitation in usage of a service / technology? 

  •  Have you validated your service / technology for a given market? 


Receive our Sales and Marketing Service:   


All verified services / technologies would be presented in the platform, and they would be used in our sales and marketing system.   


Choose any of our other services (if you desire):   


We provide different services in this platform. You can choose to use any of our other services beside “Sales and Marketing”. 


Receive your requested service:   


In order to receive any of our other services, following steps should be taken: 

  • To be communicated and signed a contract (if it is needed)  

  • Pay its fee  

  • Receive the service 


To be communicated and signed a contract (if it is needed)   


Based on the nature of our services, the first step is to know your requirement and your current status. In order to achieve it, we need to have meeting with you and get some more information from you.  

After the phase of understanding, a contract may be needed to sign in order to clarify the obligations of each party, payment, method of payment, and etc. 


Pay its fee  


Before receiving the service, its amount is needed to pay.  


Receive the service  


You can use our services as you desire.  


Enjoy our Services:   


Your satisfaction is our primary concern. Therefore, with our expert people, we would provide our services with best quality. As we protect Buyers and Sellers, our protection policy would be extended in order to protect clients of our other services. We would appreciate if you provide us with your Testimonial in order to update our services. 


Service / Technology Clients or Investors:   


Search from provided services / technologies:   


Based on your request, you have ability to search through provided services in our platform in order to find the right product for yourself.  


Provide your requirement in “I Need a Solution” section:   


If by any chance, you could not find what you are looking for by “Searching our provided products”, you can furnish your request to us by completing “I Need a Solution” section. After completion this section, we look for a right provider to fulfill your mentioned request.  


Choose the right service / technology:   


At the end of “Determine your request by any mean, there would be a right service or technology which helps you to answer your request. 


Register in the platform:   


Similar to protecting Buyers, we protect Sellers; as wellIn order to do so, we need to verify the client / investor by registering him/her in our system.  


Receive the service / technology:   


For online products:  


Pay its price  


You need to pay the value of the service / technology as it has been described in its portfolio.  


Receive the product  


After the payment process, you can receive your subscribed product.  


For non-online product:  


Negotiate and Sign the contract  


For many service categories, negotiation of its details is required between all parties to make sure how the service is needed to be executed. A contract would be signed in order  

  •  To clarify the road map of providing required service / technology  

  •  To determine the obligations of each party and other terms  


Pay based on terms of the contract  


Based on each phase of the project and terms of the contract, the value of the service / technology would be paid 


Receive the product based on terms of the contract  


At the end of each step of the provider’s obligation, you can receive your subscribed product after the completion of its proper payment.  


Enjoy it:   


Your satisfaction is our primary concern. Therefore, the services are provided with high quality. We would appreciate if you provide us with your Testimonial in order to update our services or our provided products.